YFI (DeFi) is gradually expanding its wings as many platforms are taking advantage of the potential of Blockchain technology to create many unique investment products that can bring attractive returns. YFISwap is one of several projects that allows users to convert legacy cryptocurrencies into more flexible DeFi tokens and use them to challenge other diverse investment opportunities, which cryptocurrencies inherited. you can’t do it.

YFISwap tokens are designed to mimic the market dynamics of legacy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, magnified 1000 times. Meaning, the tokenized version of YFISwap of Bitcoin will be 1000 times rarer than the real coin, and in theory, if the value of Bitcoin increases by $ 1, the depreciation increment for YFBTC would be around $ 100 . The same will happen with the supply of YFBTC, which will be around 21,000 tokens compared to Bitcoin’s total market cap of 21,000,000 coins, along with a similar drop in the reward structure.

The YFSwap platform seeks to create DeFi token copies of the leading cryptocurrencies, pioneered by YFBTC and YFETH. Other coins that YFSwap is targeting in the future are TRX, DOT, NEO, LTC, ADA, XMR, and XLM, in the form of YFTRX, YFDOT <YFNEO, YFLTC, YFADA, YFXMR and YFXLM, respectively. With these DeFi tokens, users will be able to participate in performance farming, equitization, and exchange for other tokens.

Collaborate with BITTO

DeFi versions of legacy coins like BTC and ETH are the product of a partnership between YFSwap and BITTO, a leading Blockchain technology platform. In addition to these tokens, BITTO is also developing YFSwap.Finance DEX, an alternative to Sushiswap. With the administration platform and timer lock protocol, BITTO will help YFSwap.Finance (YFI DeFi) in operation until a strong community is created, and then this decentralized exchange will proceed independently in while moving backwards to develop additional techniques for the platform. Meanwhile, BITTO is also gearing up to release their own cryptocurrency trading service later this year, and the present collaboration has the potential for relative support in the future.

Decentralized exchange YFSwap.Finance wants to connect liquidity between leading exchanges such as Huobi, OKB, Binance and more to network their tokens into trading pairs to earn a share. block reward from YFETH, while YFBTC will act merely as a farming reward.

YFSwap has released free token rewards as well as running secret crowdfunding campaigns to encourage new users to earn YFETH. As part of the “Free Token Giveaway” campaign, holders of UNI, BITTO, YFI, BAL, LINK, BNB, HT, OKB, BAND, NXM in Metamask wallet have a chance to earn the most 3 free YFETH . Meanwhile, participants in crowdfunding programs can buy YFETH at a promotional price based on an ETH deposit.

YFBTC yield cultivation

YFBTC.net will officially open the door of YFBTC yield cultivation before the end of October 2020. Users can place ETH, UDT, BITTO, WBTC, RENBTC and TBTC to collect YFBTC rewards. However, it should be noted that the stakes can reap the rewards of one and a half times more than other tokens. Those who are willing to buy YFBTC can fulfill their wishes on UNISWAP.

YFSwap’s YFTRX, YFDOT, YFDOT, YFNEO, YFLTC, YFADA, YFXMR and YFXLM introduction plan will create more productive farming options for the community, contributing to making YFSwap one of the largest DeFi platforms. .

Learn more about YFSwap.Finance at https://medium.com/@yfswap

Source: NewsBTC

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