What is Zin Token?

Zin token is a simple utility token. In decentralized finance or DeFi it is important that the token shares its value with its ecosystem. That is the true value of decentralized crypto. Our platform will be based on the Ethereum blockchain and Zin tokens will be the utility backbone of our platform. Users will be able to stake Zin to earn more Zin. In Defi staking is simply like a fixed deposit account, where you deposit a crypto-asset to earn the same or another crypto-asset. The more you hold and stake, the more you earn.

But the real value of Zin tokens will come from our burn mechanism. In the future (after our platform launch), we will earn profits on the platform through investment management fee, trading fee and other usages. We will use Zin tokens as part of the fee burn. We will keep burning Zin tokens until all supply is burned. This is an extremely valuable proposition for the token holders as most of the crypto exchanges did not follow up on this. Token holders will also get fee discounts on the platform and rewards such as merchandise and stickers.

This means we are sharing our value with our token holders until 100% deflation (no supply remaining) is achieved in a truly decentralized manner.

Token info:

Ticker: ZIN Platform: Ethereum

Token Type: ERC-20 Available for sale: 250,000,000 ZIN (25%)

Total supply: 1,000,000,000 ZIN

Details of the Zin Finance Project

Zin will be an intuitive, simple to use Investment platform which will combine the investment tools of crypto and traditional stocks. Its fantastic UI will be focused on building a growth nest, rather than trading.
Zin will be a 100% deflationary token. The token holders will be able to earn more Zin through staking and be able to participate in the governance of our protocol. Zin tokens will also have a burn mechanism until all supply is burned.
Zin profits will come from the usage of its investment platform.

You can see project details on their white paper here

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