What is YDGF Token?

YDGF token is a pool creator, lending pool consisting of top stable coins like USDC, DAI, and USDT in the first phase. We are also planning to add exact pools which are the closest to our community.

Total Supply : 30 000 Tokens

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Details about Digital Finance Technology!

Digital Finance technology is a liquidity aggregator providing automated yield farming strategy through a number of lending pools.

Digital Finance offers an easy and intuitive way to enter various yield farming opportunities in few clicks. The protocol is constantly adding innovative new pools.

Our team members are pushing composability to its limit to make the most out of what DeFi has to offer.

To learn how to start farming YDGF, a step by step tutorial will be published on our website, our team will help every member how to start farming properly.

Digital Finance Team

Yield Farming

Yield farming is a total novelty in the world of crypto assets. It allows you to generate profits by obtaining the right    coins, in this case Digital Finance Token (YDGF). Keeping your coins will acquire extra returns for every investor, and if the token is gaining in value the shareholder is earning from two sources of investment. That’s why this process is very attractive for YDGF investors. Yield farmer may move asets inside the farming system like YFI, YFII, Compound etc., continually pursuing the best periodical Percentage Yield (PY). Keep in mind that, the less secure a pool is, the more it pays. Shareholders decide the risk they can allow themselves

Utilityof YDGF

Increase in deposits is meant to increase the value of YDGF which is the native Token of our ecosystem. Depositors will earn a minted portion of YDGF Token as a reward on their deposited Cryptocurrency. This is similar to Cryptocurrency Mining in 2017.

We attach great importance to the power of the community. When our community is strong enough, we will open new incentives. We look forward to this phase.

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