What is EZBITEX?

EZBITEX is a newly established cryptocurrency exchange “The First Locally-Embedded, Yet Global, Crypto-Bank” under the Bitex Global project. The floor was founded in Singapore by CEO Harith Motoshiromizu.

Some of the most traded currency pairs on ezbitex.io include: BTC / USDT, LTC / USDT, ETH / BTC, BCH / USDT, XBX / USDT and many other trading pairs.

In which XBX (Bitex Global XBX Coin) is the coin issued by Bitex Global itself during the ICO event to fund the development of ezbitex.io and related systems in the project.

Reviewing EZBITEX trading platform:

EZBITEX Singapore’s Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange is known for its low transaction fees (Maker 0.1% Taker 0.15%) as well as its fast transaction processing.

EZBITEX’s technology is capable of processing 1.8 million orders per second, which makes it the most potential trading platform of the future in terms of trading volume.

EZBITEX supports trading of virtual currencies with BTC, ETH, USDT and soon XBX.

Despite being put into operation recently, EZBITEX has integrated many different payment methods: Visa Card, Master Card, BitexPay.

This means you can use your credit card to buy cryptocurrency assets directly on the exchange.

But FutureNews encourages you not to use this method because the cost is very high, costing 3-4% Transaction Fee.

Ecosystem of EZBITEX floor

In most cryptocurrency exchanges, EZBITEX has a very diverse ecosystem. The exchange offers many services such as: Lending, Margin trading, ETF, Staking, …

Let’s explore this ecosystem with FutureNews through the following articles below:


Futures contract trading platform

This article will help you understand the fees and usage of this platform.

Margin Trading

Margin trading

You will learn how to open an account and how to deposit through this article.


Form of electronic money loan

Those who hold a long-term coin can consider Lending for extra profits.

Launch Dock

Token launchers for blockchain projects

Buffer for “To the moon” Startup. The platform’s token issuance platform.


Peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform

In addition to storing money on the floor, you can use this wallet to save to ensure the security of the property.

Features of EZBITEX trading platform:

Like most other cryptocurrency transactions, EZBITEX promises to provide good security, user friendliness and strong performance. Here are some of the features advertised:

Safe and stable: Using a powerful multi-tier knowledge system

Multi-device support: Supports web browsers, Android, IOS, HTML5, and other platforms.

High performance: Can handle 1.8 million orders per second.

Multi-language support: Support Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean.

High liquidity: Provides a number of cryptocurrency pairs with extremely high liquidity.

Support for multiple coins: Allows trading over 100 different virtual currencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), IOTA (MIOTA), NEO (NEO), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), QTUM , Monaco (MCO), Bitex Global XBX Coin (XBX), ..

Thriving team: EZBITEX is run by CEO Harith Motoshiromizu. Overall, the company says its team has extensive experience in both Wall Street and crypto finance, along with a successful start-up record.

Proven product: The EZBITEX platform has been implemented on 30 available interfaces. The platform supports all devices and multiple languages, providing a good user experience.

Transaction fees:

As for the transaction fee, I mentioned above is Maker 0.1% Taker 0.15%. If you use XBX as a transaction fee, the cost will be reduced to 0.075% or lower depending on the level, you can follow the picture below.

According to FutureNews, this is a trading floor with great prospects in the future. You can register and experience here