User-Friendly Interface Is Key to Wisebitcoin’s Steady Growth

Wisebitcoin is one of the fastest-growing exchanges at the moment. Its focus on user experience and customer service has made it a leader in providing cutting-edge tools that help anybody make the most of the current bull run. For this reason, it’s quickly becoming the go-to for professional traders as well as the everyday users and enthusiasts who follow their lead.

The trading platform is also part of a cloud ecosystem that hosts more than 280 other cryptocurrency exchanges, guaranteeing traders will have access to deep liquidity. We sat down with Senior Advisor Andrew Chae to discuss Wisebitcoin’s approach and what it offers.

How is Wisebitcoin’s interface user-friendly?

Despite Wisebitcoin’s focus on professional traders, our platform is designed to be as straightforward as possible and make these advanced tools available to anyone.

Within this context, we support multiple advanced order types such as stop-limit and stop-loss, match-level stop-profit and stop-loss, server-level stop-limit, liberate user transactions, iceberg order, trigger order, IOC, FOK, and post-only order instruction to satisfy professional derivatives trading needs.

This gives users any tool they need to navigate the market according to their strategy. All in a single place.

What advantages does Wisebitcoin offer professional traders and speculators?

Our matching performance leads globally. It can go up to 2,300,000 TPS when matching orders for every trading pair. Each server processes up to 30,000 orders per second and a settlement response in milliseconds.

The exchange also counts on a comprehensive risk control system composed of limits, maintenance, forced liquidations, an auto deleverage tool, and an insurance fund. These features reduce the risks traders face in periods of high volatility.

What are the principal advantages to Wisebitcoin’s Affiliate Program?


The Wisebitcoin Affiliate Program offers the best rebates in the market and provides trading services that lead to growth and profitability. More so, our partners get to enhance their client acquisition and retention with all-in-one trading platform functionalities.

On the other hand, the users our affiliates bring are exposed to a comprehensive ecosystem of products and tools that help in their success. They also benefit from the lowest spreads in the market.

What makes Wisebitcoin’s Affiliate Program unique?

It always comes down to customer management. Once approved, affiliates are automatically given access to our CRM portal. Here, our system helps them manage customers in a secure and transparent manner.

Then it’s about analytics and reporting. Wisebitcoin reports real-time rebates and trading statuses to monitor customer transactions for all affiliates. Noticeably, the Wisebitcoin Affiliate Program does not require them to make an initial investment in order to earn steady rebates.

Finally, we help them establish a presence. Successful affiliates are able to take part in the Wisebitcoin brand by opening a local branch office. These are great opportunities for affiliates to grow their customer network.

How does the perpetual futures trading for coin-swaps work?

Perpetual contracts are a derivative product that can be settled in digital assets such as Bitcoin and Tether, and on Wisebitcoin, these can be leveraged at up to 100x. Just like futures contracts, traders may use them to enter into a long position or a short position to profit from an upward or downward trend, respectively..

The differences between futures and perpetual contracts are mainly about the settlement date, the funding rate, daily settlement, and risk limits.

First, perpetual contracts have no delivery date. Contrary to futures, they don’t expire. Without this delivery date, a funding mechanism is used to ensure that their prices are reflective of the spot market price. Then, a daily settlement process moves Unrealized PnL into Realized PnL.

Finally, it comes down to risk limits. A minimum maintenance margin on these contracts is the minimum amount a user needs to maintain the current position. When this requirement is left unfulfilled due to drastic changes in the market, a liquidation process takes place.

Users with different position sizes require different maintenance margins. Higher margins are required to maintain larger position sizes, however, the leverage for these can be set lower.

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