SHIRTUM Enters the NFT Memorabilia Race

SHIRTUM is a next-generation sports memorabilia ecosystem that creates a totally new user experience for football fans around the world. The platform integrates blockchain technology to provide football fans with new opportunities to connect with their favorite athletes. Players can share inside stories of their experiences and bring fans into the inner workings of a footballer’s life.


SHIRTUM integrates non-fungible tokens as part of its strategy. NFTs differ from typical cryptocurrencies in that they are not interchangeable. These tokens can be used to represent anything from homes to lottery tickets. Consequently, the NFT market has exploded in popularity.

The concept of sports memorabilia NFTs is in its infantile stages. The platform Top Shot has shown the market the earning potential of connecting fans and players via digital assets. SHIRTUM recognizes these opportunities and puts forth a solution for football fans around the world.

A New Concept

SHIRTUM’s business model is unique for many reasons. For one, it enables Players to issue tokens directly to their fans. For example, imagine Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo taking you behind the scenes and explaining to you why they have this particular uniform hung in their study. Then, imagine them offering you a collectible NFT connected to the memorabilia.

A Smart Time to Enter

The project’s timing is to be commended. The global sports industry is a $500 billion market and growing. Football, in particular, has seen the rapid integration of NFTs into its market. For example, top-performing clubs like FC Barcelona, Atlético de Madrid, PSG, and Juventus have started to trade digital assets. This trend is set to continue as more clubs see the earning potential of such a strategy.

All Parties Win

SHIRTUM’s ecosystem benefits both players and collectors in many ways. For one, it creates a new revenue stream for players. It allows them to issue personal memorabilia directly to their fans. They can also require a user to hold a certain NFT or amount of SHI tokens to access exclusive content.

This strategy allows players to turn their clout into income. Additionally, they can share their most valuable collectibles without the need to relinquish ownership of the items. If successful, this model could have a ripple effect throughout the industry as fans are always seeking a deeper connection with players.


Collectors gain the most from SHIRTUM’s approach. They gain more products and access to exclusive and rare NFTs. By simplifying the NFT creations and issuance process, more NFTs enter the market which creates more liquidity, which also benefits collectors and traders greatly.

Stop Counterfeits

SHIRTUM helps to protect collectors from counterfeit goods. Some experts estimate that around 70% of vintage sports memorabilia is fake. This equates to billions in wasted funds yearly. SHIRTUM users avoid these concerns.

The transparent nature of blockchain technology enables collectors to easily and quickly verify the authenticity of their NFTS. The immutable nature of blockchains makes them ideally suited to this task. Specifically, SHIRTUM was built on the Binance Smart Chain.

The Binance Smart Chain was designed to improve on some of the limitations of Ethereum. As such, it provides more scalability and more features than Ethereum. It was built from the ground up to support DeFi functionalities. Notably, SHIRTUM integrates some popular DeFi services into its core functionality.


One of the DeFi options available to users is staking. Staking the network’s governance token, SHI, enables you to gain access to some really cool prizes. According to company documents, you become eligible to receive early access to NFT sales and discounts on NFT prices. There are also super rare NFTs available for select staking SHI tokens.

SHIRTUM Mechanics

SHIRTUM is able to accomplish its unique business model due to its technical structure. The protocol combines a Player Museum, Market, Fanzone, and Gallery to accomplish this task. Each of these components plays a vital role in the network.


Every SHIRTUM user has a personal gallery. Here you can showcase your collectibles to the rest of the network. You can also sell your tokens here. Your personal gallery makes it simple to keep track of your purchases and new offers on your collectibles.

Player Museum

The Player Museum is where collectors gain access to inside stories and moments of their favorite athletes. Football collectors can obtain NFTs based on items such as shirts, trophies, balls, and more. The easy-to-navigate interface simplifies the entire process. Collectors can see the rarity, past history, and other vital data pertaining to the player’s NFTs.


The market enables users to meet up and trade their assets. You can find the rest of your collections here and trade with others. There are a couple of ways to acquire NFTs at the market. You can buy them directly, trade for them, or you can win an auction. Notably, all sales are shown in euro value.


The Fanzone is another feature exclusive to SHIRTUM. Players can share exclusive videos with fans here. You can also find the history of the collectibles here.


SHI is a critical component of the SHIRTUM network. Users must hold SHI to interact with SHIRTUM’s features and services. You can stake SHI and earn extra rewards. SHI is a BEP-20 token that enjoys full interoperability within the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem. You can store and trade this token on any BEP-20 compliant exchange.

Security First

One of the primary concerns for SHIRTUM developers was security. The network employs enterprise-grade security protocols. The platform integrates advanced APIs to ensure a secure trading experience for all users. These APIs provide SHIRTUM with the ability to operate across multiple networks.

SHIRTUM – Sports Memorabilia Meets DeFi

SHIRTUM combines some cool DeFi features with its sports memorabilia protocol. This combination benefits all parties and creates an entirely new market for collectors. For these reasons, you can expect to hear a lot more about SHIRTUM moving forward.

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