How Will BXR Holders Benefit from Blockster’s Exponential Growth?

As you may already know, the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) of the all-in-one crypto social network Blockster is currently in the fourth phase on the Blockfunder IEO platform.

Over 255,000 users have already joined Blockster’s waitlist to try the social media platform when it launches.

And this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

With a feature-rich and user-friendly social network, Blockster defragments the crypto space by unifying otherwise isolated digital asset solutions under a single platform.

On its journey to fulfill its mission of connecting everyone within the digital asset industry, Blockster is the ultimate platform to discover the exciting world of crypto together with fellow hustlers.

The question now is: how will Blockster’s exponential growth impact the price of the project’s native BXR token?

How Do Users Benefit From Blockster?

Before we take a deep-dive into our topic, let’s first revisit the benefits Blockster offers for each participant of the one-stop-shop social network:

  • Writers, influencers, journalists, and thought leaders can reach crypto enthusiasts with their awesome content to grow their followers
  • Investors and traders have access to high-quality, paywall-free content and tools to read the latest news of the industry, track their portfolios in real-time, and discuss the best strategies as well as the hottest coins with other users
  • Cryptocurrency businesses can utilize Blockster’s self-serve advertising platform to launch ad campaigns and custom promotions targeting high-quality audiences
  • Newcomers can quickly expand their knowledge about cryptocurrencies from the best sources by reading Blockdesk’s user-generated blog as well as checking out the over 200 educational videos, articles, and guides on Blockademy

Do you want to have a look for yourself? Head to the following link to check out Blockster’s new teaser video.

BXR Holders to Capitalize on Blockster’s Exponential Growth

As the native token of the platform, BXR powers all transactions on Blockster, with the cryptocurrency’s main functionalities including:

  • Sending tips to other users for posting awesome content
  • Leveraging BXR to transfer crypto to other users instantly and without any fees
  • Participating in community governance
  • Powering commerce transactions on Blockster’s marketplaces for various products, services, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs)
  • Staking BXR to support the ecosystem and earn rewards in exchange
  • Launching advertising campaigns targeting crypto users

While BXR has a maximum supply limit of 100 million coins, they burn 5% of all tokens spent on advertising to ensure a stable price appreciation in the long run.

Most importantly, Blockster features a revenue-sharing program in which they distribute 20% of the platform’s advertising income to BXR stakers.

For that reason, BXR allows holders to capitalize on Blockster’s growth. As more users join the platform, advertisers will discover this opportunity and compete with each other to target this audience. This creates greater demand for BXR, which increases the token’s price.

As the platform’s income is directly linked to the staking and revenue sharing programs, BXR holders will benefit from both the token’s yields and the scarcity caused by the growth of advertisers on Blockster.


According to the conservative estimates of the Blockster team (calculating with an average staking APY of 5%), the crypto social network’s revenue is projected to reach $25 million of annual income as soon as the platform hits 1 million users. From this point, the growth will be exponential.


After surpassing 10 million users, Blockster’s advertising revenue is expected to surge to $300 million a year, which means that stakers will receive $60 million of the ad income.

At the same time, the project estimates the BXR price to reach $12.50 at 1 million customers and $100 with a user base of 10 million, with the latter representing an astonishing over 5,000% ROI based on the current price of $2.

The good news is that we are not so far from reaching the above milestones. As mentioned earlier, over 255,000 users have joined the Blockster waitlist.

And this is before the launch of our full release. For that reason, we expect a much more significant user base growth when we roll out our platform to the public.

Regarding that, we are delighted to announce that Blockster’s first version is rolling out to 1,000 BXR holders (the Blockster team will continue to onboard their waitlisted users to improve the platform’s performance and user experience).

With the initial release, you can follow pages, interact with others in groups, share your thoughts in comments, connect with your friends, read fantastic content on Blockdesk, and earn some shiny BXR for referring new users to the social network.

In the next few months, we will roll out the second version of Blockster with additional functionality, such as an integrated wallet for all crypto, instant and free P2P transfers, full-fledged iOS and Android apps, and real-time portfolio tracking via Blockwatch.

Check out Blockster’s whitepaper to learn more about the all-in-one crypto social network’s features.

Join the BXR Token Sale to Enjoy a Discount

With an all-in-one crypto platform, a feature-rich platform, and a native token featuring numerous utilities, Blockster has tremendous potential to become the leading social network for crypto enthusiasts.

And, thanks to the project’s revenue sharing program, BXR holders will benefit from Blockster’s massive growth.

For that reason, we highly recommend you to check out the ongoing BXR token sale on Blockfunder to support our project and kickstart the adoption of crypto’s next-generation social network.

If you participate now, you can get BXR for a 10% discount. The current price is $2 per token, but such a price will only last till July 12. Unlike the other token sale phases, there is no lockup period this time.

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