EZBITEX EXCHANGE Starting 2020/07/10, invite your friends to open an EZBITEX EXCHANGE & Futures account and earn up to a 20% referral bonus on trading fees while providing your friends with a 5% discount. You earn, your friends save. You may also earn a bonus of 5% of the users your friend directly invites.

Users have a bonus opportunity to hold more XBX and invite users to earn a bonus on the referral program. The following chart describes how much can be earned for these fees.

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  • 1. Users who are in primary grade have an opportunity to win up to 1 BTC if claimed a champion.
  • 2. Users who are in Gold grade have an opportunity to win up to 1.5 BTC if claimed a champion.
  • 3. Users who are in Platinum grade have an opportunity to win up to 2 BTC if claimed a champion.
  • 4. Users who are in Diamond grade have an opportunity to win up to 2.5 BTC if claimed a champion.
  • 5. Users who are in Black grade have an opportunity to win up to 3 BTC if claimed a champion.
  • 6. Users must invite users under their own account referral code in order to claim the number of users invited. Users can find their own referral code here.
  • 7. The invited users must hold a balance of minimum 10,000 XBX in order to be able to claim as a referred user.
  • 8. All users must finish their KYC and submit their information from their dashboard here.
  • 9. While the championship is going on users’ balance at all times must have a balance of the above given 10,000 XBX and never below this amount.
  • 10. Once staking is released the users must stake 10,000 XBX for this CHAMPIONSHIP purpose within 48 hours of the pos staking feature release.
  • 11. Users tokens will be locked in staking for a period of 6 months from the day of staking.
  • 12. EZBITEX will announce the winner on December 25th, 2020.
  • 13. The user will receive the prize within his wallet itself and can withdraw this prize at any time.
  • 14. EZBITEX reserves the right to disqualify abuse, bad actors, cheating at all times during the championship.
  • Let the games begin. We are delighted to announce this championship and would like you to share this achievement with your friends and family. Therefore we are hosting this event. GOOD LUCK.

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