Cerberex Exchange Launches Zero Fee: Japan newly established cryptocurrency exchange, CEO Cerberex has announced it will take another step towards global expansion by strengthening integration with its international arm.

In order to attract users to the newly established exchange platform, they are running a free trading program, including maker and taker. Besides the withdrawal fee, deposit of the floor as announced is also very low. It is an opportunity for makers and takers alike across the globe to experience a new, modern platform and zero fees.

                                                         Theme of Cerberex Exchange

                                                                       Exchange Trading Fees

                                                                      Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

According to information from the Cerberex Exchange community group, their CEO is Harith Motoshiromizu, also the CEO of Bitex Global. According to Thefuture information, Bitex Global is the main system which covers many platforms in Blockchain technology. The first is the Cerberex Exchange (a cryptocurrency exchange with new technology, good security), the second is the Xnews.io page of information and news that according to the CEO of Bitex is directed to provide information to all. who are interested in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology, are expected to be CoinMarketCap 2nd, and finally EzBitex Global is implemented as a digital bank including deposit platform and Bitex card.
With these ambitious steps they build Cerberex Exchange and promise to have many good programs for cryptocurrency lovers in the future.

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