Bugg Inu a Decentralized form of Cryptocurrency

Bugg Inu is the world’s first decentralized investment platform for Cryptocurrency traders. The platform offers a unique combination of an easy-to-use service with ambitious economics, which will benefit traders. Bugg Inu is not just a cryptocurrency exchange. It’s also a yield generation protocol that pays regular dividends to its users-cutting out of the traditional middleman in favor of an autonomous, self-regulatory system.

Moreover, Bugg Inu is a token that automatically earns its holders money every time it’s bought or sold. While traditional financial models feature fixed earnings over time, Bugg Inu is different. When users buy, sell, or trade the token, they’ll receive a percentage of those transactions right back into their account. The more people use it, the better it becomes.

Bugg Inu values community, transparency, and trust. They are all evident in their communication with users, the timely updates of new features, and clear instructions about the application.

Since Bugg is decentralized and independent- it will be impossible for any single party to control or influence the token. Transfers and transactions are made directly from user to user – there are no middlemen or intermediaries or control by any personnel. Your $BUGG tokens remain completely confidential at all times and can only be stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Bugg Inu also maintains open communication with token holders, providing clear updates on the project’s status and encouraging them to reciprocate. Increased participation and honest two-way dialogue keeps everyone involved and informed about the project

Bugg Inu provides the community tools to build the development, marketing, and management skill-set they need to create successful businesses. Because of this dedication, this platform is entirely community-driven – users own their stores, eliminating any risk of being locked into a contract or experiencing a change in direction with a centralized company.

Bugg Inu has practical DeFi tools that make it a viable venture. Each holder gets a 2% redistribution fee for every transaction. The $Bugg Burnt 50% of its overall supply to 0x0000 dead addresses- a unique address that can’t be moved or spent from.

Bugg Track – Bugg holders can trace their passive income through $BUGG, wallet balance, token prices, and more.

Bugg Swap – is an application and Fork of Uniswap V2 on the Ethereum platform that utilizes a $Bugg token to lower the transaction fees for swapping the pass.

Every Ethereum transaction requires some gas, gas token, which facilitates transactions with less gas but the same amount. Ethereum presents for every burned element. In the process of burning, smart contracts erase storage filled during minting, enhancing users to save more.

Bugg Swap enhances the formulation of arbitrary ERC20 pairs rather than supporting only pairs between ETH and ERC20. The Swap offers a hardened fee oracle that piles up the relative cost of the two assets at the commencement of each block. $Bugg Swap enhances “flash swaps,” where holders can receive assets freely and apply them elsewhere on the chain, only paying for returning those assets at the end of the transaction.

About the $ Bugg App

Bugg App enhances the effective connection to all Bug services. The Bugg Application will be launched in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. This Bugg Application will improve offline mode and places with network problems (offline payments), thus, making the $Bugg payment reliable. While using the Bugg Application, senders and recipients will perform offline payments and hold the funds for twenty-four hours. The Bugg application is focused on replacing FIAT in particular areas where crypto and Blockchain are censored. $Bug application aims at replacing the use of cash. Additionally, the $ Bugg application will back up the Coin Swapping and Cashless payment integrated for DOGE. With the $Bugg application, every transaction will perform burn and dues compensated to every $Bugg holder.

“Virtual Currencies may hold-long term promise, particularly if the innovation promotes a faster, more secure and more efficient payment System”– Ben Bernanke, 14th chairman of the Federal Reserve, The Central Bank system of US.

About $ Bugg Inu

For more information, visit https://bugg.gg

$Bugg Inu, a cashless and an offline crypto

Company: BUGG INU
Website: https://bugg.gg/
Email: team@bugg.gg

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